Founding partners and original raconteurs

Ivan Midderigh

A founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre, an internationally renowned artistic center in Malérargues, France. Ivan has dedicated his life to vocal coaching and research, and its application in life and the performing arts.

Siobhán McCann

An internationally travelled and experienced executive coach and leadership development consultant, Siobhán believes in the power of one voice to change the world. She is dedicated to helping people find theirs in order to live with purpose and passion.


Penny Kreitzer

South African born award-winning actor Penny Kreitzer engages her own patented theatre-based techniques to help clients demonstrate authority, presence, and confidence to become inspiring leaders and extraordinary speakers.

Kevin crawford

Voice teacher and recently retired Director of the MFA in Physical Theatre at the Accademia dell’Arte, in Arezzo, Kevin Crawford approaches teaching as a privileged observer, informed provocateur, and patient guide, inviting his students to re-examine their assumptions about the voice, in order to propose a coherent approach that they can refer to in their professional life.

Laurent Stéphan

Actor, polyphonic singer, communications trainer, voice teacher, and multi-linguist Laurent Stéphan works with the body and breath to encourage awareness and conscious embodiment of presence and active listening.

Sana Milochevitch

Coach, consultant, and professional Muay Thai trainer, Sana Milochevitch believes in choice as the driving factor in pursuit of excellence. His clients learn to embody this, through the principles of the martial arts, to maximize their positive impact in the workplace and in their personal lives.

ian Magilton

Author, award-winning actor, director, and voice teacher Ian Magilton is also a founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre. Ian invites his students to follow desire, through identification, imagination, and embodiment of life.

ramón estrada torrescano

Ramón Estrada Torrescano is an industrial engineer by trade and an executive coach and leadership development consultant by vocation. He works as a co-pilot to leaders, helping them to achieve high levels of performance in order to enhance their impact on the world.

pascale ben

Experienced voice teacher, performer, singer, storyteller, and founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre, Pascale Ben believes that by pushing the frontiers of our being we become more human.

Sašo vollmaier

Slovenian native Sašo Vollmaier works internationally as a performer and voice teacher to liberate people - through music - to invent their own languages; engaging presence, voice, and movement to embody the power of fragility, expression, authenticity, and curiosity.

Noah Pikes

Creator and Director of The Whole Voice vocal training methodology, Zurich based speaker and coach Noah Pikes empowers his students to experience the whole which contains the many opposites, present in both our human nature and in the human voice.

delphina fabbrini

Florence native Dr. Delphina Fabbrini encourages her students to strive for authenticity: the capacity to be in contact with one’s deeper feelings and emotions and the ability to express and to share them.

dougLAS macarthur

Doug MacArthur is a professional actor, voice teacher, dialect coach, and Professor of Theatre & Dramatic Arts at the University of Lethbridge, Canada.

kaya anderson

Voice teacher, actor, performer and Roy Hart Theatre founding member Kaya Anderson works with her students to raise the level of their humanity and responsibility for voice and behaviour, and to explore the connections between voice and personality.

Javier D. Rendon

Coach and leadership development consultant Javier Rendon focuses on emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, and the psychology of human interaction to engage authenticity and integrity as the cornerstones for building dynamic leadership.

Orly Asody Midderigh Vox.jpg

Orly Asody

Israeli native Orly Asody is a music teacher, musician, performer, and Roy Hart voice teacher. Through a guided process of musical interpretation and improvisation, Orly seeks to unveil in her students their innermost beauty and desires, unlocking their voices and enabling joy, ease, and confidence in their full presence.

Jone Bosworth Midderigh Vox.jpg

Jone m. Bosworth

Jone is an award-winning public sector leader, certified executive coach and consultant working toward our common good. She believes that we are all leaders with the choice of speaking out and standing up for things that matter.

Stephan KocH

Stephan Koch is a coach, teacher, psychologist, jazz singer, and lifelong student of voice and performance. (Full bio coming soon)

Christopher bolling

Executive Coach and consultant Christopher Bolling focuses on increasing self-awareness, authentic communication, and clarity of purpose, to develop stronger, more capable leaders. Nothing energizes him more than working in partnership toward new possibilities.

dawn kimball

Dawn is an executive coach and leadership development consultant who works with senior leaders to optimize their leadership practices and performance.


Arno Peck

Arno Peck is an experienced performer, voice teacher, and coach based in Italy. (Full bio coming soon)