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what have people told us about their experience?

I feel that I have recharged my energy while embracing my inner self and my passion to live and to share. It was all about fresh air and a reset button. It was empowering and something so important for me - communicating properly and using my voice in all its explosions of meaning - connecting to my passions.

- RE, Leadership Consultant, Professor, Spain


I experienced leadership that embraces the deep feelings of people: this is the next level of management.

YN, Founder and CEO, Russia

It was a magical experience. Not only did it allow me to find my voice, but it helped me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I learned so much about the connection between voice and psychology. I learned how important it is to relax and remove the tension on the body to have a clear voice. 

- MS, Business Intelligence Manager, USA

I feel like I've moved from black and white to technicolor. This was transformational for me. I see the world in a very different way, and I want more! I am ultimately a much more expressive human, and I know by virtue of where my voice is, where I am. I have a much deeper understanding of what it is to come into my presence, to align, to get out of my own way, and I can clearly see when others are there too.  I established a new relationship with myself and the world; the deepest look inward, a connection to my soul, an exploration of physical and emotional expression that I’d never experienced before, and a connection to what is at my core, my deeply resonant voice. To share this experience, and watch others unfold, to hear the uniquely beautiful voices of our people come forward, was nothing other than transformational.

- CB, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, USA

Barriers disappeared, we are more confident, open, sincere, real. - FS, Founder and CEO, Russia

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Coming out of the workshop my whole world seemed different. I took away how sensitive I am, how that has an effect to my reactions and behaviours, that there is so much hidden within the soul, voice, and body and I have learned just a glimpse of how to access that magic within me.

AB, Social Innovator, USA

It was the most extraordinary session I ever took part in. - EP, Talent Director, Russia

(The teachers) created a safe and accepting space where I felt free to explore and play with the range and colours and harmonies of my voice. I was invited to be myself, but challenged to take risks. I have learned to honour my own voice, thoughts and feelings despite other people’s thoughts or perceptions. I have more confidence in what I know and who I am.

VM, Founder, Business Manager, Canada

This is the power of listening. My whole body has become an ear! - OF, Managing Director, Russia

Doing this work together brought an incredibly great feeling of belonging to something big and had an immense team-building effect. Communications between us became more close and warm, people now smile more often and give hugs. For new people it was a great induction to feel valuable as part of the team. A new way of relating based on trust and love was founded. - AV, Administrative Director, Russia


I learned that emotions are the core for human expression and connection. Art is one of the most powerful approaches to discover people’s emotions and beliefs.

HH, Founder and CEO, China

The marriage between the physical body and the psychology of the mind is key. As a voice teacher and coach, the learning cemented all that I have been practicing with a much more deep approach. I experienced a renewed awakening of my own voice.

- MT,Actor, Voice & Communications Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, South Africa.

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I'm really happy about my speaking; I feel more confident and I enjoy it more.

DF, Project Editor, Italy.

I felt seen and held in such a compassionate way. (The teachers) helped me touch something in myself that I didn't know was there. I learned so much practical, applicable material from the sessions -- material that I keep on using in my own work and with others too.

ABM, Teacher, Leadership Development Consultant, Coach, U.S.A.

There was an amazing collective shift. Bright eyes, more voices are heard. People became more relaxed, opened, happy, loving. - KA, Executive Search Consultant, Russia

It was a magical experience and what had to happen from my end was to have no expectations but to say yes. 

- RK, Senior Manager, Sales Ops, USA