Performance leadership


The qualities that leaders in today’s world need are intuitive, dynamic, collaborative, and grounded in here-and-now emotional intelligence.
— Debrah Rowland, Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders, HBR, Oct. 14, 2016

beyond ego

Collaborative leadership means development is no longer limited to a small group of high potentials.

What's needed now is leadership development that moves beyond the old ideas of Leader as Hero.

Leaders must own their strengths and their weaknesses in order to know when to step up and shine or step back and support.

empathic leaders

Hard skills can be trained. Soft skills, like emotional intelligence, can only be developed.

How can we take the leadership journey from the head to heart in order to show up from a place of authenticity, empathy, and confidence?

start from within

Leaders must develop the practices that will serve them in managing their emotional responses to the challenges they encounter on a day-to-day basis.

the science

engagement powers change

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break the patterns

Neuroscience shows us that we retain learning as changed behavior when we are emotionally engaged.


power your intention

When the intentional mind is engaged, we make conscious decisions about our behavior.

Unleash the power of intention to create lasting behavior changes that will support your personal and professional goals.


feel the change

When was the last time you felt moved by a lecture or an e-learning module?

Passive consumption of information is no substitute for visceral, lived experiences: the stuff that stories are made of.

What you feel is what you remember. What you remember is what shapes who you become.


quiet the voices

If leadership development begins in the head, that is where it will stay.

We can’t simply think our way out of our habits.

We can, however, develop an awareness of our inner voices and learn how to harness them to better serve our intentions.


pull off the mask

This isn't about learning new tricks to fool others. This is about discovering, and aligning with, the best version of your authentic self.

It is from this place of authenticity that effective leaders operate.

the Experience




You will learn the art of theatrical storytelling to better craft your message and engage your teams.


voice & body

You will understand how to use your voice and body to enhance your delivery and its impact on your audience.

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active listening

You will gain new perspectives on how to listen actively, support, and respond to others.


human connection

You will enhance your emotional intelligence to better read and connect with people.



You will cultivate deep body and voice awareness through breath work and physical exercises.

This internal awareness empowers greater physical, psychological, and emotional awareness of others.


authentic presence

You will learn to own your unique authentic presence.

vox populi

what past participants have experienced

I experienced a transformational release of self judgement, lots more vocal freedom.
I learned about the voice as it connects directly through to your soul, and the processing that one must move through in order to express clearly, resiliently, resonantly.
— MP, Development and Test Manager
I established a new relationship with myself and the world. The deepest look inward, a connection to my soul, an exploration of physical and emotional expression that I’d never experienced before, and a connection to what is at my core, my deeply resonant voice. To share this experience, and watch others unfold, to hear the uniquely beautiful voices of our people come forward, was nothing other than transformational.
— CB, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant