VOX Coaching

A fundamental principle of our work at Midderigh Vox is that people - and the communities, organizations, and institutions with which they are engaged - have typically under-acknowledged and largely untapped potential, not only for professional success, but in addition for personal fulfillment and extraordinary achievement. It is to uncovering this potential and harnessing it for the growth and development of high-performing leaders on the world stage that we are committed.

Midderigh Vox coaching programs are designed to generate self-knowledge and facilitate breakthroughs in order to foster lasting impact that will continue to expand exponentially over time.

Executive Coaching

Successful leaders are experts in their professional fields and are highly effective business and project managers. As they progress in their careers, there is increased necessity for focus on leading, managing, and collaborating with people. Coaching is what enables us to uncover and unlock the performance potential within people, in order to motivate and empower them to step into full, authentic leadership.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."

At Midderigh Vox we believe in the capacity of all individuals to achieve the goals they set for themselves, with the support and guidance of our expert coaches, who serve as thought partners and supporters throughout the process.

Midderigh Vox provides a broad range of executive coaching services including:

  • leadership and high-potential development;
  • presence, communications, and storytelling; 
  • stress resilience;
  • work-life balance; 
  • change management; 
  • career advancement.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our passionate team of professional accredited coaches is dedicated to a rigorous and dynamic process that:

  • identifies values and strengths; 
  • uncovers greater performance potential;
  • untethers self-limiting behaviors from fundamental belief systems; 
  • enables movement from deep insight to action;
  • engages a rigorous accountability process; 
  • elicits truth, clarity, and actionable goals.

Our coaching programs are designed to respond to the specific up-skilling needs and personal growth ambitions of the people we coach and the organizations with which we partner.

Our coaches are trained and certified by internationally recognized coach training organizations and are either ICF-certified or are in the process of obtaining ICF accreditation.

We have worked internationally with teams and organizations operating across a wide array of industries including:

  • energy;
  • finance; 
  • government; 
  • healthcare; 
  • higher education; 
  • pharmaceuticals; 
  • retail;
  • construction;
  • legal services;
  • entertainment;
  • advertising and sales;
  • manufacturing;
  • arts & culture;
  • consumer goods;
  • technology;
  • investment banking;
  • consulting; 
  • not-for-profit.

As members of the International Coach Federation, Midderigh Vox’s coaches uphold the strict ICF code of ethics.