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“Born in wartime London in 1941 and frustrated in my various attempts to discover a means of expression, it was not until 1967 that Roy Hart showed me that it lay right under my own nose - my voice. Through it I have been able to engage creatively with myself and the existential questions that troubled me.”

Teacher, coach, author, director, actor, singer, and key-note speaker Noah Pikes is a Founding Member of the Roy Hart Theatre, where he lived and worked for many years before moving to Zurich, Switzerland in 1991. He has studied improvised voice, music, theatre, movement, clown theatre, psychodrama, archetypal psychology and contemporary shamanism.

“All these influences have been synthesized into the way of voice work I call The Whole Voice. This way is an amplification and revisioning of ideas central to the work of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart, and to C G Jung’s psychology. It enables students to experience the whole which contains the many opposites present in both our human nature and in the human voice. This is what I myself most value in what I received from Wolfsohn and Hart, and is the motivation for my teaching.”

Through this unique, person-based method and practice of voice use, Noah has trained and coached professionals from myriad walks of life in the medical, business, education, performing arts and social care realms.

He has taught at the C. G. Jung Institute, Zürich, Switzerland; as a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire, U.K.; Aberystwyth University, Wales; The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, London, U.K.; Campo Limpo University, Brazil; The Theatre Academy, Jelenia Gora and Warsaw, Poland; the Institute for Gestalt Therapy, Berlin, Germany; the National Theatre, London, U.K.; the Cambridge Theatre Workshop Festival, U.K.; the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts, London, U.K.; the International Centre for Voice, London, UK; the Association Courant d’Art, Strasbourg, France; and the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart, Malérargues, France.

 Voice performances include: The Tinheads Journey, Whole Voice and world percussions, Sarmenstorf, Zurich, Strasbourg, Malérargues; Vitres de Son10 micro-opéras jazz, with piano and violin, Malérargues, Montpellier, Nancy; Evocations — solo voice, London, Zurich, Lille, Antwerp, Malérargues, Montpellier and on radio; Poema Cantada by M. Escribano, on Spanish National Radio; Der Letzte Sprung, the prize winning NDR radio play by Iris Disse.

Recordings include: Vocations — demonstrations of the Whole Voice and Ovid’s Metamorphoses selected readings from the Charles Boer translation (Spring Audio Publications).

Noah’s book DARK VOICES: The Genesis of Roy Hart Theatre was published in English by Spring Journal Publications U.S.A. in 2000. This first book on the vision and use of the human voice as a mirror of the psyche was revised in 2005 and an updated edition will be published in 2019.

Noah is a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association Inc.) and IVCI (International Voice Coaching for Interpreters). He was a member of the Zuriberg Toastmasters Club for two years.

Noah speaks English, French, and German.