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the voice

Our work draws primarily from the philosophy and pedagogy of the Roy Hart Theatre, which is based on a history of more than 80 years of research, study, and practice of the human voice without boundaries.

A performing artist and voice coach for over forty years, Ivan Midderigh soon realized the impact his work could have in the world beyond artists. He formed his first company, Hart Training in 1997.  

Hart Training took the first steps in developing the work and research of the Roy Hart Theater to serve corporate clients. Ivan created a structured series of exercises to challenge the habitual ways in which people communicate, becoming one of the first to bring the disciplines of the theater into the corporate world.

Ivan focused on developing in his clients the essential tools of human interaction: the voice, the body, and the imagination.

Most people know what they want to express, but they don’t know how to go about it.
— Ivan Midderigh
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We challenge the voice and push through perceived vocal limitations in order to unlock the performance potential of our participants.

We are born with a voice which is the most extraordinary instrument we have with us all the time, one that reflects our state of mind, our dreams, our longings, and tells others about us through its specific quality.
— Pascale Ben
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We coach you to listen first to your own voice, and by extension yourself, without judgement. You will then understand how to apply this new mindset to listening to others.

Experience communication without judgement.

It is an education of the personality through the voice.
— Roy Hart

the breath and the body

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The breath is the conduit of the voice. The voice is the expression of the self to the world.

To inspire: to breathe in, originally used of supernatural beings in the sense to ‘impart a truth or idea to someone.’

To express: to breathe out, to convey a thought or feeling in words.

The breath also connects the mind and the body. The body is the anchor to the present moment. When the mind is adrift in thoughts of the past or the future, focusing on intentional breathing allows us to pull the mind into the present.

Combining breathing and stretching techniques from different practices, we enable people to rediscover the natural rhythm of breath and its necessary connection to movement and voice. We use our knowledge and experience to help people discover how to connect to their bodies and breathe with intention.

Our breath and body work leads to an in-depth understanding of what it means to be fully present, relaxed, and unrestricted.

the stories

Our life experiences and the stories we tell about them define who we are, how we interact with the world, and how we engage with other people. 

When we understand a person’s stories, we understand who they are.

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In witnessing a person reveal himself through storytelling, we are able to connect to him through our common humanity.

So it is that, through the sharing of stories, the deepest human connections are forged.

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Together with our clients we explore personal stories told through the power of authentic vulnerability to foster these genuine connections among our workshop participants.

We coach people to uncover and craft their most resonant stories, integrating the voice, breath, and body to expand the impact of their storytelling.

The heart, soul, and body hunger for deep expressions – of joy, yearning, grief, ecstasy, pain, uncertainty, purpose. This vocal journey thrives on listening, searching, play, risk and ultimately, the discovery of form and ease.
— Marya Lowry