unified teams

individual stars drive collective SUCCESS

Highly effective companies now look at leadership as a team effort that requires leaders to work together, complement each other, and function as a team.
— 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends


What it means to be an OPEN office

What if that meant something more than just the absence of physical partitions and how workspaces are arranged?


A workplace of equality, empowerment, and engagement. A place where people look forward to being every day.


a stage

Where teams work: galvanized, supportive, and full of leaders capable of stepping into and out of the spotlight.




a home

Where individuals show up and are present, expressive, heard, and seen.                                        



a center

For leaders who are aware, curious, inspiring, and loyal to their people and to the organization.


A truly OPEN office.

vox populi

what past participants have experienced

Barriers disappeared, we are more confident, open, sincere, real.
There was an amazing collective shift. Bright eyes, more voices are heard. People became more relaxed, opened, happy, loving. Some of them even began to be more self-confident.
— KA, Senior Executive Search Consultant
Doing this work together brought an incredibly great feeling of belonging to something big and had an immense team building effect. Communication became more close and warm, people smile more often and give hugs. For new people it was a great induction to feel valuable as part of the team. A new way of relating based on trust and love was founded.
— AV, Administrative Director