Kaya Anderson

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Kaya Anderson is a singing, speaking, and movement voice teacher, as well as an actor and performer. A student of voice since 1956, Kaya studied and trained with both Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart. She is a founding member of the Roy Hart Theatre and has dedicated her life to the pursuit and exploration of voice and the essential divinity of singing, theatre, dance, and the other arts.  

Drawing from her experiences in the early days of the Roy Hart Theatre, Kaya encourages reflection on dreams, successes, and failures. She works with her students to raise the level of their humanity and responsibility for voice and behaviour, and to explore the connections between voice and personality. A lifelong scholar of Jungian depth-psychology, Kaya encourages archetypal exploration in her students, emboldening them to unmask their inner Beast as well as their Beauty, in order to embody their full performance potential.

Practices learned during her childhood in Asia inform Kaya’s teaching equally profoundly, incorporating the age-old wisdom of Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and dance to engage the powers of listening, observation, empathy, and body-voice interaction.

Kaya's most recent theatrical performance was in Géneration under the musical directorship of Sašo Vollmaier. She is also rehearsing for a concert with Sašo, to be given in summer 2019.

Kaya leads the Advanced Pedagogical Roy Hart Teacher training program, as well as several annual workshops in France and Italy. She is currently writing a book of her memoirs mainly based on her experiences and reflections as a pupil of both Alfred Wolfsohn and of Roy Hart. Her
intention is to offer deeper insight into what it is that makes people want to sing, into the profound relationship between the individual and group singing lessons to performing for an audience. This book is written for all those interested in this singing process and its wide implications for the individual and her or his ever-evolving relationship to self and society.  

“For me, the philosophy of the Roy Hart work begins with Alfred Wolfsohn. His lifework inspired us to find a new world. The soul of singing, the music in each one of us, needs careful listening, observation and empathy: these are my hard worked-for aims.”

Kaya speaks English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.