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my work

Sana is an executive coach and leadership development consultant, and a Thai martial arts professor and professional trainer. His academic background is in sociocultural anthropology.

Sana has conducted comprehensive doctoral research in the field of culture change and identity dynamics: how people define themselves as individuals and as groups; the values, attitudes, and aspirations that motivate people’s behaviours; how these influence the way people embrace, adapt, or resist to change; and how this impacts the success or failure of innovation in societies and organizations.

In addition, for 15+ years, Sana has trained elite athletes and students to develop strategies for effective performance, improved stress-management, and conflict resolution capability. Through the principles of the martial arts, Sana’s clients experiment, explore, and refine their understanding of the body, the mind, and the connection between the two.

Sana applies his unique professional experience through the combination of theory and practice in his executive one-on-one and group coaching and consulting. He believes in the power of choice in pursuit of excellence. As a coach, his goal is to be a fire-starter, a thought partner,  and to help his clients to uncover their potential, to enhance their performance and sense of well-being, and to maximize their positive impact in the workplace and in their personal lives. He is an associate consultant for InCourage Leading whose purpose is to grow leaders who create a positive ripple effect, strengthening the common good in workplaces and communities around the globe.

Sana is a certified Executive Coach (UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute). He is currently completing certification in The Psychology of Leadership (Cornell University). He has a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology (Université Laval) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies and Anthropology (Université de Montreal). Sana is also a state-certified educator in Sports Education by the French Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports.

A native of France based in Montreal, Canada since 2005, Sana is an experienced cross-cultural communicator who has also lived and worked extensively in Central African Republic, Thailand, and Denmark.

Sana speaks French, English, and Thai.