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This fully immersive experience will take you on a personal journey via the vehicle of your own voice. Uncover your essential self immersed in the history, values, ethos, and care of our team of founding members of the Roy Hart Theatre, residents of the Château de Malérargues, and lifelong students and teachers of Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart's work on personal expansion through vocal expression. In this profoundly experiential program, learn what it feels like to embody your full, uninhibited potential and to lead with your voice!


It was a magical experience and what had to happen from my end was to have no expectations but to say yes.
— RK, Senior Manager, Sales Ops, USA
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The embodiment of the inner self through the voice allows us to be alive in more aspects of ourselves. This integrative theory and process began with Alfred Wolfsohn, who initiated this voice approach in the 1940‘s and 50‘s. Inspired by Jungian psychology, he believed that all archetypes are present in each human being. His ground-breaking work sought to reveal a way for full-range vocal embodiment not confined by gender or expectations. Wolfsohn worked with the premise that the more of these archetypes one expresses and embodies, the closer the connection with the authentic self.

The Roy Hart methodology explores all the myriad expressive possibilities of the voice, irrespective of aesthetic norms. Our Midderigh Vox coaches collaborate with the Roy Hart teachers to harness and channel discovery through the medium of storytelling.

At the core of this work is the synergistic art of active listening. To listen and to be listened to is the core purpose of all human communication.

“I learned that emotions are at the core of all human expression and connection. Art is one of the most powerful approaches to discover people’s emotions and beliefs.
— HH, CEO, China
Sunrise at the Château de Malérargues. (Photo:    Luis Bellon   )

Sunrise at the Château de Malérargues. (Photo: Luis Bellon)


The Centre International Artistique Roy Hart is a research and study center located at the Chateau de Malérargues in southern France. Named in honor of Roy Hart, a principal student of Alfred Wolfsohn for twenty years. Hart continued the work of vocal exploration as a vehicle for self-development following Wolfsohn’s death in 1962.

Run by the co-founders of the Roy Hart Theatre, the center remains an active hub of ground-breaking research and experimental study through successive generations of teachers and students.

©2018, Clément Caudal. With permission.

It was all about fresh air and a reset button. It was empowering and something so important for me - communicating properly and using my voice in all its explosions of meaning - connecting to my passions. I feel that I have recharged my energy while embracing my inner self and my passion to live and to share.
— RE, Consultant, Spain



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Every voice is as unique and individual as a fingerprint. Yet few people have an equally neutral relationship to their voice as to their fingerprint. By focusing on listening from an open perspective, we learn to bypass judgement and follow our unique personal expression. Our pedagogy is non-hierarchical and collaborative. Our coaches seek to open new perspectives rather than impose prescriptive direction.

A central component of the experience is individual work that acknowledges the unique personality of each voice.

We cultivate intuitive trust through active listening, questioning, reflecting, and describing our experience to unlearn self-imposed limitations and create a deeper awareness of potential in ourselves and others. Timbres, textures and emotional qualities become accessible and applicable to the form of expression desired.

“I established a new relationship with myself and the world; the deepest look inward, a connection to my soul, an exploration of physical and emotional expression that I’d never experienced before, and a connection to what is at my core, my deeply resonant voice. To share this experience, and watch others unfold, to hear the uniquely beautiful voices of our people come forward, was nothing other than transformational.”
— CB, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, USA


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The voice is a part of the body that begins with breath and its energetic potential. Throughout life, all of one’s states of being are related to breath. The movement of breathing persists automatically, whether we choose to notice it or not.

Breath is the primal connection between physical and vocal space. Vocal expression surfs the wave of the breath. By opening the breath’s channel, we take the first important step toward releasing the voice. We connect our inner being directly with the outer world. Voice is the vehicle of manifestation and creative expression.

We use body work and breath work to release tension, express restricted energy, and to re-experience the simple joy of movement. This helps us begin to consciously embody expansion of the full voice and our own truly authentic presence.

It was a magical experience. Not only it allowed me to find my voice (didn’t know I had such a strong voice by the way) it let me get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I learned so much about the connection between voice and psychology. I learned how important it is to relax and remove the tension on the body to have a clear voice.
— MS, Financial Services Manager, USA


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Stories bring ideas and experiences to life. The most memorable stories are punctuated with impeccable timing, emotional colour and flavour, and clear turning points.

Over six days our work together will enable you to uncover and explore your own stories. It is a constantly shifting, inward-outward journey. In learning to listen deeply to ourselves, to others, and to the space between us and to what is being expressed on an embodied level, beyond words or language, we unveil the power of storytelling and understand the impact our stories can have in our professional and personal life.

I learned about the voice as it connects directly through to your soul, and the processing that one must move through in order to express clearly, resiliently, resonantly.
— MP, Development and Test Manager, USA


Gain access to a new world of communication where listening and expression take on new dimensions and carry unexpected power.

This program brings communication from the background to the foreground, giving you unlimited insight on the most powerful and useful tool available in this business of living: your voice. And it is already within, waiting to be revealed!

As a participant, you will:

  • embark on a personal journey over 6 intensive days;

  • orchestrate your own life-changing experience and connect with your deepest truths;

  • discover a new way of listening that allows you to communicate effectively in any conversation, with freedom and peace of mind regardless of the conversation’s content;

  • unveil the full expanse of your authentic self and experience dramatically improved performance in professional scenarios where you may have previously felt ineffective;

  • understand what it takes to invite others to engage with you in exploring new possibilities;

  • uncover your capacity to create or restore inner harmony and affinity, at any time, under any circumstance;

  • experience the power of being completely free to be yourself in relation with other people;

  • learn to tell your story.

Power of Voice brings a new world of communication into being — one that moves people, and transforms both you and your audience.

Coming out of the workshop my whole world seemed different. I took away how sensitive I am, how that has an effect to my reactions and behaviours and that there is so much hidden within the soul, voice, body and I have learned how to access that magic within me.
— AB, Manager, USA

Past participants of the Power of Voice program routinely experience:

In feedback surveys 100% of our participants have consistently indicated that the Power of Voice experience surpassed all expectations.

  • Reduced stress

  • Regenerated energy

  • Regained confidence

  • Renewed purpose

  • Revitalized spirit

  • Increased focus

  • Higher emotional intelligence

  • Enhanced presence

  • Improved connections with others

  • Reconnection to personal values



Our program faculty speak English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Slovenian, and some Hebrew and Georgian. There are no minimal language requirements for attendance.

(The teachers) created a safe and accepting space where I felt free to explore and play with the range and colours and harmonies of my voice. I was invited to be myself, but challenged to take risks. I have learned to honour my own voice, thoughts and feelings despite other people’s thoughts or perceptions. I have more confidence in what I know and who I am.
— VM, Business Manager, Canada


Fly in to Aéroport Montpellier Méditerranée or take a train to Gare de Nîmes. We will be there to pick you up and take you to Chateau de Malérargues, the home of the Roy Hart Theatre.


April 29-May 4, 2019 (arrivals April 28, departures May 5)

September 21-26, 2019 (arrivals September 20, departures September 27)


Our fee* includes:

  • 40 hours of tuition and coaching with our diverse faculty of internationally certified voice and communications teachers and executive coaches;

  • ground transport from Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport airport or Gare de Nîmes railway station;

  • on-site room and full board in the château with healthy meals prepared on-site by our dedicated chef, using fresh, locally-sourced produce to nourish your body on your journey;

  • evening activities, including presentations and performances;

  • a global network of leaders and change agents.

*Not included in the basic fee are optional additional services such as on-site massage and shiatsu, as well as the possibility of arranging evening meals offsite in local Michelin-starred restaurants. 


€3,497.00 regular fee
€3,000.00 early bird rate available until June 15 Extended to July 31, 2019

For further details and questions about group enrolments, means-based discounts, and scholarship opportunities please contact us at info@midderighvox.com

A €1,000 deposit is required upon registration; payment plans are available. 


Since this bi-annual program launched in 2016, participants from more than 20 countries across the globe have experienced the Power of Voice. Historically, they are senior managers and C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and other training and development professionals. They are change makers from myriad industries with diverse professional experience, seeking a deeper understanding of their voices - both literally and figuratively - in order to manifest their best selves with greater confidence and authenticity.

Our youngest participants have been emerging leaders in their mid-twenties, with the highest concentration being in the 30-45 age bracket, and the most senior participants to date in their mid-fifties. We welcome couples as well as individuals and teams.

We embrace the richness of diversity in every sense of the word.

What are you waiting for? What if the changes you have been seeking were only a phone call away?