Laurent Stéphan

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Actor, polyphonic singer, communications trainer, and voice teacher, Laurent Stéphan works with the body and breath to encourage awareness and conscious embodiment of presence and active listening.

He guides his students to explore and expand presence in pursuit of confidence and performance excellence. Drawing on his unique professional experience as a theatre performer, massage practitioner, and singer with a passion for traditional Georgian polyphony, Laurent invites each voice to arise and sound freely. He encourages playfulness and spontaneity, combined with rigorous application of three-part harmonies, to enhance listening and expressive skills through the development of musical and rhythmical accuracy in his students.

“For me, the philosophy of the Roy Hart voice work lies in listening to and observing the totality of the person who is expressing; taking the risk to be fully in the moment and following our intuitions. It is to give confidence to the student so s/he will dare to venture into places within him or herself, and into qualities of the voice perhaps not yet known, while taking pleasure in this exploration. It is to open a field of possibilities and to welcome the many personalities, voices and energies of which we are comprised. Finally, it is to appreciate beauty wherever it resides.”

Laurent holds a French National Teaching Diploma in Theatre and is certified by the Fédération Française de la Formation Professionnelle (French Federation for Professional Training ) as a Communications Trainer and Facilitator. He has been a certified Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2011. He has toured the word performing visual theatre, recorded four albums, and performed in over 200 concerts. In 2004 and 2012, he presented at the International Symposium for traditional polyphony in Tbilissi, Georgia.

Sensitive to the richness and musicality of linguistic diversity, Laurent performs and teaches songs in many languages.

He speaks French, English, Italian, Spanish and some Georgian.