relationships power success

Communication is at the heart of every relationship

We provide communications training and coaching that focuses on storytelling and engages the human voice as the vehicle for personal growth.

who we serve

visionary professionals who desire to make an impact

Authentic leadership and effective communication skills enable leaders at every level to build and maintain the relationships that will drive their careers and support the success of their organizations. Our clients leave our workshops feeling empowered and with the skills and tools necessary to communicate with confidence.

This work does not seek to ‘transform’ people but to help them ‘become’ closer to who they really are.
— Ivan Midderigh

Whether speaking with peers, customers, direct reports, managers, or presenting to an audience of strangers, experience the power of communicating from your own place of authentic presence. 

Learn how to use your body and your voice to support your message.

Our voices are very much bigger than we think, certainly bigger than we normally use, and that there is a profound connection between our voice and our self, which is in turn very much bigger than we realise or normally admit to.
— Ian Magilton

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