Why storytelling?

Today I met somebody who carried an exhausted man on his back up the last hundred metres of Mount Everest, so that neither of them would live with regret. I met another who saved a baby's life when the child had stopped breathing in his crib. I met a woman who answered phones at a health centre and who listened to a suicidal stranger when there were no professionals available and is still that person's friend today, many years later. I met people who suffered unfathomable hardship to escape poverty, brutal government regimes, and religious persecution. All of these people and many more just like them work alongside us, live quiet lives, sit beside us on the bus, live next door to us, take their children to the park on weekends, just like us. They are the unsung heroes, the people whose stories are never told. Until we ask. Today I led a workshop, I heard ten stories, and learned more than I could ever teach.